Backyard Cookout BBQ Potato Chips

Backyard Cookout BBQ Potato Chips


Mouth says...

We’re all fired up over these Colorado-born chips. Saturated with the signature flavors of a backyard cookout, they’re smoky and zesty, with hints of chipotle, cinnamon, brown sugar and lime. It’s also worth noting that they’re made with hand-sliced Harvest Moon potatoes, rarely seen outside of the Centennial State. Featuring purple skin and yellow flesh, the high-moisture spuds are prepared without artificial flavors or preservatives, allowing their creamy and buttery qualities to shine right through. They also come out as crunchy as kettle chips, but are thinner, with a lot less grease. When it comes to snacks, we’d say Morgan Handmade Rations really have their chip together.

Tip of the Tongue:

Turn up the heat at your next backyard barbecue, by serving these sweet and smoky potato chips alongside a velvety, onion-based dip. Something tells us the meat will take a total backseat. 


Sustainably Grown Colorado Potatoes, Non GMO Rice Bran Oil, Kosher Salt, Organic Sugar, Tomato, Paprika, White Balsamic Powder, Onion, Chipotle, Spices, Citric Acid