Award-Winning Snacks

Award-Winning Snacks
Award-Winning Snacks


It’s true: Any lovingly crafted, mouthwateringly tasty food is an award-winner in our book. (Seriously, every one of our makers deserves a gold star.) But some standout goodies earn extra-special top marks from expert industry tastemakers: the Good Food Awards and the Specialty Food Association’s sofi awards.

When we’re feeling a little fancy at Mouth HQ, we like to dig into a super celebrity snack sesh. So we’ve assembled some of the best for you in one awesome gift bag.

Pop open smoky pickled okra (a double winner!). Make cocktails and homemade soda so much better with a super-flavorful syrup. Spread not-too-sweet jam onto gorgeous crackers. Enjoy every last individually wrapped caramel; a stellar handcrafted chocolate bar; and the most tender, flavorful cookies.

You’re a winner in our book if you treat yourself to these showstoppers. Also makes a great gift for your favorite self-proclaimed "foodie"!


The products that win Good Food Awards not only taste great, but they also meet super high standards: Makers who seek out local, organic ingredients. Makers who invest in employees and their communities. Makers who care about process. Winning foods and drinks are selected through a blind taste test.

And the finalists and winners of the Specialty Food Association’s sofi awards are considered the best in 5 tenets of good food: quality, innovation, ingredient profile, packaging and pricing. It’s all about the craft, the care, and the joy behind indie food.

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