Argyle Vintage Brut

Argyle Vintage Brut


  • $28 for 750ml

Mouth says...

This incredible Champagne-style Vintage Brut is so good we almost want to keep it a secret…but we can’t keep our mouths shut! 

A golden blend of Oregon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Argyle Winery’s stellar sparkler is made in the méthode champenoise, meaning that the final stage of aging happens in the bottle, which gives this wine the toasty, biscuity flavor of a classic Champagne. Because the grape blend is heavy on the Pinot, though, there’s a serious fruit situation happening here: in between all the fine bubbles, we detect apple, pear and even a hint of fig. And because these grapes come from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, there’s plenty of dry minerality and citrusy acidity.

Pop the cork, pour the crisp liquid gold, and enjoy the bubbles ‘til the bottle is gone (guarantee you’ll finish it).

Tip of the Tongue

With all the flavor and charm of a bottle three times its price, this may be the best-value Vintage Brut available today – and we don’t make claims like that lightly. We bring a bottle of this with us everywhere. Because why not turn every day into a celebration?


12.5% alcohol

  • Vegan.