Apricot Pumpkin Seed PB Energy Bar

Apricot Pumpkin Seed PB Energy Bar


Mouth says...

It's fair to say that Mouth literally runs on Big Spoon nut butters. Those standout jars are the first things we reach for when we need an emergency snack (yes, we eat nut butter straight from the spoon). So imagine how excited we were to learn that Chief Spooner Mark Overbay had come up with a nut butter bar – portability!

It surpassed our expectations: Roasted peanuts, a perfect sprinkling of sea salt and raw wildflower honey sweetness abound, but there's also roasted pumpkin seeds (aka pepitas), juicy dried apricot, pockets of organic cocoa and a hearty base of quinoa and oats. Each bar has 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and only 10g of sugar. Yes!

As the label says, “this is probably the kind of bar you’d make at home if you only had time.” 

tip of the tongue

Enjoy in all your usual routines – gearing up for a morning run, settling in with an afternoon tea, or knocking out every single item on your to-do list with nutrient-fueled determination!


“Because the most important meal of the day loses a little importance when you’re spooning up that yogurt you found in the office fridge.”


Fresh-roasted peanut pepita butter, raw wildflower honey, oats, quinoa flakes, grass-fed whey protein, apricots, organic cocoa, chicory root fiber, roasted pumpkin seeds, sea salt. Comes in a 2.5 oz bar.

  • Contains dairy.
  • Contains peanuts.