Apple Mint Vermouth
Apple Mint Vermouth Apple Mint Vermouth Apple Mint Vermouth

Apple Mint Vermouth


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Mouth says...

Don't expect a prim and proper drink – this is vermouth gone wild!

Dry and sippable, the cool, minty finish is totally refreshing (the apple refers to the type of wild mint, by the way, so no fruit here!).

Maker Bianca Miraglia starts with Long Island wines from Red Hook Winery, then infuses them with herbs, mostly foraged by her or grown in her mother's garden. Her vermouth gets its bitterness from mugwort, a relative of wormwood, the traditional ingredient for making vermouth, well, bitter. Once the wine is infused, Bianca strains the herbs, rather than filtering (hence the cloudiness), then adds brandy (also made from Long Island grapes) to fortify the wine to 18% alcohol. 

Bianca makes her vermouth in tiny batches, so it's not always available. Buy a bottle (or two!) while you can. 

tip of the tongue

Bianca recommends finishing a bottle within three or four weeks for peak freshness. We like to serve it chilled with a lemon twist before dinner. 


18% alcohol by volume; comes in a 500ml bottle.

  • Vegan.


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