Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple cider vinegar once seemed like the drab cousin of fancier vinegars (Champagne! Sherry!). Then we tasted Carr's Ciderhouse Apple Cider Vinegar. Bursting with fruit, and sweeter than most vinegars, this is our new secret ingredient for anything that needs a punch of sweet and sour flavor. Plus the bottle is gorgeous.

You know how you get the world's best apple cider vinegar? Start by making amazing apple cider! Jonathan Carr and Nicole Blum moved to Hadley, Massachusetts, more than 13 years ago to do just that (Jonathan even has a Master's Degree in hard cider apples. Seriously.) After years of harvesting, fermenting and bottling, they decided it was time to add to the lineup, and their Apple Cider Vinegar was born. 

tip of the tongue

Add a few drops to braised kale, a pot of beans or homemade applesauce; deglaze the pan after browning chicken or pork; whisk into Enzo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a teaspoon of Anarchy in a Jar Herb Mustard for the best homemade vinaigrette of your life. 

  • $18.75 for a 12.7 oz bottle