Ancient Sunrise Tea

Ancient Sunrise Tea


  • $10 for a 2 oz tin

Mouth says...

Good morning, tea drinkers! This rare, fair trade, sustainably harvested organic black tea is blended with leaves from tea plants as old as 2,000 years! The tea maker calls it "delightfully bright and floral, with a wonderfully complex bouquet and malty finish." We have to admit we flipped when we first discovered Flying Bird Botanicals triangle-shaped tea bags – the tins are keepers and the tea has us...flying. 
tip of the tongue

Pyramid-shaped tea bags work because the shape's extra breathing room allows each tea leaf to expand and unfurl once the water hits, with enough surface area to guarantee total flavor extraction. Also, feel free to reuse these tea bags at least once for a slightly weaker yet still totally delicious brew. Just make sure the water temperature is around 205° F and steep for about 4 minutes. Oh, and keep the tin! How cute is that? 


Fairly Traded Organic Himalayan and Chinese Black Tea, sourced from women-owned gardens in Nepal. Each reusable small tin contains 6 pyramidal bags. Vegan. Certified organic.