Amor Chocolate Heart


Amor Chocolate Heart
Amor Chocolate Heart
  • $22 for 1 heart


For when love is too weak a word for what you feel, try another tongue – l’amour, rakkaus, liebe, amore. Amor!

This solid heart of darkness (74%, to be exact) features a soaring swallow, blooming flowers and a sweeping engraved banner. Alma Chocolate in Portland pours dark Dominican chocolate into custom handmade molds, then hand-gilds each icon with edible 23-karat gold leaf.

Any sweetie will know your heart is in the right place (with Mouth).

tip of the tongue

Makes a particularly sweet gift for any fan of romantic gestures, shiny things or chocolate.

74% Domenican chocolate (pure cocoa mass, cocoa butter), 23-karat gold leaf. Each heart weighs a little over 1.5 oz and measures about 3 inches by 4 inches.
NOTE: May contain traces of milk, almonds and hazelnuts.

  • vegan.
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