Amber Rice Vinegar

Amber Rice Vinegar


Mouth says...

This vinegar’s lightly tart bite quickly makes way for a smooth, umami-rich saltiness. Unlike most Western-style grain vinegars that tend to be more mouth-puckeringly acidic, Wei Kitchen’s amber-hued vinegar is made from organic rice for a milder, naturally sweeter tang. An almost imperceptible dash of anchovy extract brings a well-rounded deep and salty flavor – reminiscent of another Vietnamese staple, fish sauce, but without the funky aroma and sourness.

Maker Debbie Mullin’s rice vinegar makes adding a hint of Asian flavor to your everyday cooking so, so easy. Your friends and family will think you’ve got a professional chef hiding back there, doing all the flavor heavy-lifting, and all you have to do is pop the cork.

tip of the tongue

Try Debbie’s recipe for a fresh and light Vietnamese rice salad. Mix 1 Tbsp Amber Rice Vinegar with ¼ cup of your favorite vegetable oil (optional: add minced shallots!). Toss 2 cups cooked rice, one shredded lettuce head, one shredded cucumber, three shredded carrots and 20 oz of grilled meat or tofu with the dressing. Boom!


Organic rice vinegar, dark brown sugar, anchovy extract, salt. Comes in an 8.5 oz bottle.

  • Contains fish.