Alvarelhão "Suspiro Del Moro" 2014

Alvarelhão "Suspiro Del Moro" 2014
Alvarelhão "Suspiro Del Moro" 2014
  • $24 for 750ml


This is a super aromatic, fruity, juicy red wine with fresh acidity and a soft, lightweight body. It’s a really powerful, complex wine.

You’ll likely finish your first glass before you can put your finger on all the flavors. Well, let us help: Luscious red fruit notes lead into tropical fruit, then black fruit and a little spice. Suspiro del Moro, or "the Moor's sigh," pays homage to the Alvarelhão grape's origins in the Iberian Peninsula, once the kingdom of the Moors.

Alvarelhão is fermented in whole clusters, with stems on, in 500-gallon wooden puncheons with native yeast. Head winemaker Matthew Rorick says, "What the vineyard produced is what becomes the wine – period." So he makes all of his wines without additives, commercial yeast or fining.

tip of the tongue

It’s a great pour when you’ve got time to sit and think (and sigh). Ah, the wonders of indie winemaking...

Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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