Absinthe Uncured Salami

Absinthe Uncured Salami


  • $16 for an 8 ounce salami

Mouth says...

To say that this is one of the most exquisite, unique salamis to hit our charcuterie board might be an understatement. This is due to two ingredients: Mexican hatch chili peppers and small-batch absinthe. First, the peppers. Mexican hatch chilis are premium green chiles that are nearly identical to Anaheim green peppers… except with a wallop of extra fiery heat. These peppers are soaked in premium anisette liqueur, aka the green fairy, to draw out their spice. Then, both green chili and fairy are added into a pork base for this salami.

Both intense chiles and absinthe are rumored to cause hallucinations of delightful grandeur, but this flavor sensation is very real. The dream reality is crafted by Zoe’s Meats, which is dedicated to using only sustainably-sourced meats and only naturally occurring nitrates for their cured and uncured products.

Tip of the Tongue:

Live your best bohemian life. Pour a little absinthe in a teacup, place a sugar cube on your absinthiana spoon and add some drops of water. Drink alongside slices of your salami. There, isn’t that nice?


Pork, non fat dry milk, sea salt, cane sugar, spices, natural flavoring, garlic, lactic acid starter culture, absinthe liquor, New Mexican chili pepper.


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