Aaron Burr Homestead East Branch Cider

Aaron Burr Homestead East Branch Cider


Mouth says...

If you're already in love with cider, you'll be blown away by this seriously breathtaking bottle. If you haven't gone on a date yet with cider, we promise that this is the one that will win you over!

Made only from apples and even fermented with wild yeast, you’ll find intense fruit-tart flavors along with a sturdy tannin anchoring the palate.

This cider is part of Aaron Burr Cidery's Homestead series: For the East Branch cider they fermented wild apples picked from forgotten apple trees in the woods and on abandoned properties in the hills above the east branch of the Delaware River. Often untouched for decades, these trees are the descendants of the earliest cider apples (think Johnny Appleseed!), the very ones that once made cider America's most popular beverage. After fermentation, they use a method typically found in fine champagne houses, leaving the yeast and sediment in the bottle so it can develop and change over time.

With that in mind, feel free to drink up now, but if you're the patient type, hold on a few years because this cider will change and improve like the finest champagne.

Aaron Burr's cider is made in tiny batches from unsprayed apples and is incredibly hard to find. 

did you know?

Hard cider was the original American beverage (it's basically all the colonial settlers drank!), and we're so excited that this delicious, historical beverage is suddenly popular again. We've tracked down the most incredible indie cider and perry on the market, all fermented from apples or pears using traditional techniques.

tip of the tongue

We love to drink this cider with rich buttery foods, or while contemplating all the complex flavors while sitting on a porch (or stoop), admiring the fall foliage.


7.8% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 500ml bottle.

  • Vegan.