Cocktail Party in a Bag


“Recycle all those old docs in your file cabinet. Turn the empty drawer into a bar. You’re welcome.”


Who says entertaining can't go both ways? We're all about getting together with our BFFs (best foodie friends), but we're sooooo over the stress. So we put together this party-ready collection of crowd pleasing spirits, wine, mixers, snacks and sweets to make entertaining all play and no work.

This Mouth party-in-a-bag starts with top-notch red wine, potato vodka that's a conversation starter, American style gin and an award-winning American wheat whiskey. Keep digging deeper and you'll find tasty indie cocktail syrups to round out your bar, as well as the all-important small-batch munchies like interesting crackers, tapenades, bacon jam, nuts to go nuts for, spicy gingersnaps and a chocolate salami (because, hey, what's a party without a chocolate salami?).

No matter who's on their way over, this taster will do the trick and create a bash to remember. Just don't forget a bag or two of ice.