Hot Hot Hot Sauce

Hot Hot Hot Sauce


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Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

Some like it hot. You know the type. You cook a meal, and no matter how beautifully seasoned you think it is, they're always running to the pantry for some hot sauce. Good news: for said hot heads, we've curated a kit of small-batch hot sauces that all vary in heat and flavor so they'll never get bored...and all are guaranteed to make them burn, baby, burn.

Makes a hot gift for your adrenaline junkie coworker, thrill-seeking neighbor, and fiery friends alike. 

This gourmet hot sauce gift box is a great gift for people who love hot sauce, Sriracha and spicy food.


"I like to give people what I'd want to get... and this spicy box has all my favorites. Think they'll get the hint?"—Lauren, Product Team

In this gift

Our goal is to always send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally we'll ship something slightly different than what's listed here, but we promise it will be equally delicious!