• $14.75 for a 16 oz jar


You may have noticed that we really like pickles – like, really like 'em. You also may have noticed that we kinda sorta dig bacon (we know, join the club).

So, can you imagine how we just FREAKED OUT when we came across a bacon pickle? Immediately after the box from Oregon arrived (and we had regathered the exploded remnants of our collectively blown minds), everyone got up from their desks to gather around and savor slice after slice after slice.

Unbound Pickling has managed to infuse cucumbers with natural hickory smoke – yet no bacon is involved. So these are also awesome because they are for the non-meat eating. You can get your bacon fix without the guilt.

tip of the tongue

Slices obviously go nicely on a turkey, beef or veggie burger. Or, right in your mouth!

Cucumbers, distilled vinegar, water, onion, galic, salt, natural hickory smoke flavor, dill, paprika, peppercorns. Comes in a 16 oz glass jar.

  • vegan.
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