• $11.75 for an 8 oz jar


Get your fancy fruit kick all year round, without waiting for anything to ripen. Figs may be the Beyoncé of this stellar trio, but apricots and cherries shine in their supporting roles, just like Kelly and Michelle. A little white wine smooths everything out to a multi-layered, velvety spread of fantastic fruity flavors. 

tip of the tongue

Awesome on crackers with sharp cheddar or a stinky blue, but you can also get more creative. Slather it on a turkey sandwich, upgrade a grilled cheese or whisk a spoonful into a pan sauce for duck breast or lamb chops. 

Dried fruit (fig, apricot, cherry), water, sugar, white wine, lime juice concentrate, vanilla extract, cinnamon. Comes in an 8 oz jar.

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