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Your Next Party Is In The Bag

Planning a shower? Kids birthday party? Bachelorette party? If you’re like us, you most likely left everything to the last minute (or just didn’t have the time to bop around town going to multiple stores to get everything you need – no judgments). Don’t panic: We’ve got everything you need. The most difficult thing about planning this party will be throwing away our paper plates (as in, not reusable but so so pretty).

First things first: What are your guests going to eat off, drink out of and wipe the crumbs from their face with? We highly recommend paper cups, plates and napkins – they feel good in your hand, look cute (well, ours do) and make cleaning up one million times easier. We love mixing and matching the kraft paper with the white and gold. 

Next question: What to serve? Cake, cookies or brownies, obviously. If you want to create something homemade but don’t have the time (or skill) to bake from scratch, we’ve got a few new outstanding mixes (gluten-free and paleo options, too!) that whip up quick. (Trust us, no one will know.) 

Too pressed for time to even use a mix? No problem (you’re still a hero) and we’ve got you covered there, too. Marshmallow cookies, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry popped tarts and lemon sugar cookies are all excellent options – and are the go-to dessert choices for our staff. (You could tell the other parents you made them... We won’t tell.) 

Now,  what kind of celebration is it? Are you mixing cocktails, or do you want to just pop a bottle and pour? Is it a dry gathering? Sparkling Blanc Wine or Pom Pomme Cider are deliciously festive choices. Cherry Grenadine and Grapefruit Hibiscus syrups are equally great when mixed with a little seltzer or with something stronger. Or you could go with this super special Sparkling Grape Juice.

Finally, we are big fans of party favors, the reason everyone comes in the first place. (Kidding! They definitely came for your “homemade lemon sugar cookies.”) Some of our favorite – and whimsical – indie takeaways are Heart-Shaped Chocolate Lollipops, Emoticandy, Caramel Apple Taffy and Dreams Come Chew candies. Or go wild browsing our Tidbits section – everything is under $5. 

Good luck! We’ll keep an eye out for our invitation.

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