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11 Weekend Grilling Tips From Our CEO Craig Kanarick

Craig, our CEO (and go-to "Barbeque Source") came into the office on Monday raving about what he cooked over the weekend. We're following his lead this Fourth of July weekend, and so can you.

Sunday night, go wet: Just toss some shrimp in We Rub You's Korean BBQ Sauce and throw them on the grill. A stainless steel mesh helps, so nothing falls through the grate. And remember, the sauce is made with sugar, which caramelizes quickly, so use medium heat. Craig's guests freaked out – it was that delicious (he didn't tell them how easy it was). Two more to try: Mable’s Smokehouse Liquid Country Gold BBQ Sauce or Carolina Barbecue Sauce from Lillie’s Q.

Monday night, go dry: Coat both sides of chicken thighs, ribs, steak or fish with Greenpoint Trading Co.’s Coffee Dry Rub. (Don't rub too hard!) You can do this a few minutes before grilling, but you'll get better flavor by covering and letting the protein rest in the fridge for at least a few hours. One more to try: a blend of spices (make your own!) from Bourbon Barrel Foods’ Bourbon Smoked Grilling Spice Set.

And, um, well, that's pretty much it! His "secret?" A few exceptional indie ingredients. So stock up – you'll be set for the rest of summer.

If you’re going the traditional burgers ’n’ dogs route this weekend, don’t forget our lineup of small-batch condiments

Happy grilling, happy weekend, and happy Indie-pendence Day!

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