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XO or XOXO: A Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Listen up, lovebirds: We know that in the darkest night hour, you search through the crowd for the perfect gift for your main squeeze. (Bear with us – Beyoncé’s song “XO” is just too catchy!) So we’ve assembled two packages of sweet treats, one for every level of lovin’ this Valentine’s Day.

If you love ’em like XO, send a first level of love, this innocently amorous XO assortment of seven indulgences: a Heart-Shaped Chocolate Lollipop that’ll make ‘em melt, X&O Candies lovingly hand-marked with kisses and hugs, Raspberry Rhubarb Goat Milk Caramels, a tin of salty-sweet Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Almonds and a decadent Dark Chocolate Nib Bar that’ll set their hearts aflutter.

Or pour some extra sugar on (XOXO) and give them everything: all the treats in the XO collection, plus the creamiest Chocolate Caramels, compulsively snackable Dried Cranberries & Blueberries, sticky, booze-a-licious Hot Toddy Caramel Popcorn and a drop-dead gorgeous, gold-wrapped Amor Chocolate Heart to let your sweetie know your heart is in the right place.

Your soulmate’s already got butterflies in their stomach – these majorly lovable treats belong in there, too!

Actual real-life hug and kiss not included.

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