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Why You Should Be Drinking Rosé All Year Long

Are you one of those folks who think they’re only allowed to drink rosé in summer? That sipping it in the later months is as sacrilegious as wearing white after Labor Day, or cutting the crust off your PB&J? Well, we hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong! You can totally, absolutely, 100% drink rosé all year long. In fact, you really should

Here’s why: Medium-bodied rosés are a great middle-ground wine that can stand up to richer foods as well as provide an unobtrusive backdrop for lighter fare. They’re more complex and savory than the “summery” – ugh, labels – Provençal-style ones you’re used to, and thus pair perfectly with fall dishes. (Looking at you, Thanksgiving.) 

Wait, wait, aren’t “medium-bodied” rosés sweet? No! Just because a rosé has a richer hue (which most medium-bodied rosés do), does not automatically mean it will be sweet. When you shop for a rosé based on color and reach for the lightest one out of fear you’re going to get some bodega-style, Franzia Sunset Blush sugar bomb, you’re almost always going to get a Provençal-style rosé which will be thin, bright, fruity and without a whole lot of character. Which, in the summer months, is downright perfect for drinking in lieu of water.

But come September, why do we have to suddenly stop drinking pink wine? The bottom line is richer rosés are still refreshing, and pair beautifully with the foods you want to cook in cooler months, and the lighter ones are perfect for guzzling in the summer and for washing down oysters. But we’re all about breaking rules, and we give you permission to drink what you want to when you want to. The bottom line is: Rosé is perfect, and so is any occasion to drink it. (And, full disclosure: white jeans are okay with us, year round.)

Below, our favorite medium-bodied rosé we think belongs on your fall dinner table, in your summer picnic basket, in your paper cup and most importantly – in your Mouth:

Rosé of Pinot Noir, made by Billsboro Winery in Geneva, New York
This balanced rosé has an extraordinary nose of gentle floral notes and aromas of red berries. With the first sip of this medium-bodied pink, you'll notice hints of juicy strawberries, peaches and a lovely bright acidity.

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