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What’s A Liqueur, Anyway?

Mention “liqueur” outside the Downton Abbey drawing room and you’ll probably hear things along the lines of, “My grandma drinks that” and “Too sweet for me.” Well, we’re here to reset.

Liqueurs aren’t just for the fancy, and the good ones aren’t saccharine – in fact, they’re for anyone who likes to sip on elegant, unique alcoholic beverages or elevate their cocktail game with fine ingredients – aka – you.  

So, what are liqueurs anyway? Liqueurs (not to be confused with liquors, aka “hard liquor”), are spirits that have been flavored with fruit, herbs, spices, cream, flowers or nuts and then bottled with a touch of added sugar. On the booze family tree, they’re actually the descendants of herbal medicines and were first made by monks in Italy in the 13th century. 

That’s right – liqueurs are medicine and will cure whatever ails you.

You can take your medicine in a variety of ways: on ice (we love sipping on Don Ciccio & Figli’s Fennel Liqueur after a dinner we needed to unzip our jeans halfway through), mixed into coffee (a splash of Monteverdi Spirits Nocino Walnut Liqueur never hurt anyone) or into cocktails (like our Roger, Ginger), or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, poured over vanilla ice cream (go for Fruitlab Organic Orange Liqueur – the combo is like a spiked orange creamsicle).

If you’re ready to get on the liqueur magic carpet ride, we recommend starting out with a couple different bottles so you can really sample the scope of this diverse beverage. There’s a whole new world of liqueurs out there – they’ll open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder, to a dazzling place you never knew: pear, ginger, violet, rose, cranberry, coffee, pineapple, plum… Do you trust us?

See what ingredients make your Mouth water, and start there.

Grandma’s cooler than you thought, huh?

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