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An XL Dark Chocolate Bar For Your Valentine Because Size Does Matter

This delicious Giant Fruit And Nut Dark Milk Chocolate Bar just might be the one. It was love at first bite.

LA-based sweet shop Valerie Confections was founded by partners Valerie Gordon and Stan Weightman in 2004. Valerie had established an impressive career working in California farm-to-table restaurants, but her childhood love of decadent sweets was only truly fulfilled when she dedicated herself to the wonderful world of confections. 

Added bonus: this chocolate bar has a great package. Valerie and Stan teamed up with the super-cool folks at Commune Design Studio to produce this beautiful label. We're melting for the '60s style design backed by a clever Adam-and-Eve inspired print, that sings the praises of that most divine, delicious substance, aka one of the best (and biggest) milk chocolate bars we've ever eaten. What a hunk.

This Valentine’s Day, size does matter. This XL bar is a whopping nine ounces, making it the perfect size for sharing with someone you love a choco-lot.

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