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Your Guy Will Totally Eat Up These Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. You’re stressing. You have no idea what to get him. He already has a drawer full of all the electronics, buying clothes is risky business (is he a medium or large??), games are fun but with Candy Crush who even plays tabletop games anymore, and you’ll be damned if you give him one more campfire-scented candle, Beanie Baby, bag of drugstore hearts or tulips from the corner store. He still doesn’t even have a vase.

Spoiler alert: the answer to the seemingly never ending “What do I get him?” question is... FOOD! It is the way to his heart, people. But we’re not talking about sending him something from Seamless. We’re talking a beautifully-packaged box of unique, small-batch goodies from makers across America. It’s something he definitely doesn’t have already, it’s an experience, and it’ll make him full, aka the equivalent of the heart eye emoji.

Without further ado, here’s our no-fail, hit-the-jackpot, totally awesome Gift Guide for Him. Whether you’re getting a gift for your boyfriend, husband, bestie or side piece, V-Day is about to become his favorite holiday. Plot twist!

Pickles Every Month Subscription

For the guy who loves pickles and chugs brine like it’s H2O


No gherkin’ around, this is the big kahuna. The gift he’s been waiting for. Each month your favorite big dill will get a dill-icious box of brined goodies delivered right to his doorstep – but not just any pickles. This subscription features a rotating selection of the absolute best pickles on the artisanal food scene, made by independent makers in the U.S. Plus, you can choose 3, 6, or 12 months. You know, depending on how much you really love him :)

Hot Hot Hot Sauce

For the guy who loves hot sauce and is as spicy as a Latin lover on the beach at sunset


No matter what the meal is, he’s reaching for hot sauce. And he has feelings about which one is best. This box will introduce him to his new favorites: it’s packed with a killer curation of the stuff that sets his heart on fire, all ranging in flavor and heat level. Pork tacos? There’s a fruity Hawaiian sauce for that. Poached eggs? Organic sriracha. Pizza? Change his world with hot sauce made with Scotch bonnet peppers and mango. Are those tears of joy or tears from the heat? Both, probably.

The Chocolate Fix

For the guy who loves chocolate so much he goes crazy for cacao


It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate. So go for an incredible selection of artisanal chocolate goodies like stone-ground nut butter swirled with cocoa, a chocolate popped tart, fudgy brownies he’ll demolish in one sitting and more. This gift is just the (golden) ticket to make any chocoholics’ heart melt.

Bourbon Planner Kit

For the guy who loves bourbon and who totally raises the bar


Sure, you could just get him a bottle of expensive booze you *hope* he’ll like, but he’s so picky and already has his bar cart stocked with his go-to anyway. This Valentine’s Day, kick things up a notch and get him a gorgeous cocktail kit with next-level mixers and bar tools that’ll pair well with whatever he’s into these days. Plus, it’s swanky and will make you look good. And isn’t that the point of all this anyway?


P.S. Still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite dude? Here’s more gift ideas for guys that’ll make his jaw drop... Literally.

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