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A V-Day Gift Guide For Mouths Whose Love Borders On Crazy

Sure, they love you like crazy. But you know they’re also fanatical about their tastes. Some valentines go mad for chocolate and cookies. Some are total hounds for bourbon. Others are java junkies. Some might be cuckoo for cocktails. Particular about pickles. Nuts for nuts

Every goodie in our Gifts For Obsessives collection is crafted in small batches using only the best ingredients – all by passionate makers from around the U.S. Whatever their craving, just make sure to get their main squeeze to them by February 14th.

What kind of crazy is your valentine? We’ve got a gift fit for every fix… 

Chocolate Gifts: For Mouths who are cacao-crazed.
Spicy Gifts: For Mouths who like it hot.
Pickle Gifts: For Mouths who are kind of a big dill. 
Cookie Gifts: For Mouths who are cookie monsters. 


P.S. Looking for more Valentine's Day gift ideas? Eat your heart out with our gift guide for every kissing Mouth.

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