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Eat Your Heart Out With Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We heart red. We’re mad for chocolate. We’re in love with love. Yep, we’re pretty excited for Valentine’s Day, and it’s right around that cold, windy corner. For Mouths you, um, like…to Mouths you totally lurve, we’ve got gifts they’ll eat up. 

Whatever their flight or fancy, we’ve got a gift worthy of any kissing Mouth. Just call us Cupid:

For Mouths You’re Sweet On

Listen up, lovebirds: this collection of sweet treats says it all. With a goodie bag stuffed with cookies, for your favorite Cookie Monster to cute-as-a-button X&O Candies to a My Little Valentine taster fit for your favorite bite-sized beloved, these gifts are sure to set their heart aflutter.

For Mouths You Like-Like

For those who live life like they’re the star of the own rom-com. With gifts like Breakfast In Bed (coffee, granolas, and spreads! Oh my!) and Date Night Taster (the way to their heart is via their stomach and these snacks will have them swooning), they’ll finally get their happily-ever-after.

For Mouths You Like A Choco-lot

From an indulgent Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness bag brimming with treats like chocolate-covered pretzels, corn flakes, cranberries and more to a heart-stoppingly gorgeous Amor Chocolate Heart gilded in gold, these rich goodies will drive them totally cocoa crazy.

For Mouths Who Are Obsessive

For those that love you a lot, but are also fanatical about their tastes. Whether they’re bonkers for booze, pigs for bacon, junkies for java or always looking to spice things up, we’ve got options fit for every flight and fancy. 

For Mouths Who Like It Every Month

Calling all serial monogamists! Have a Mouth in your life who isn’t afraid of commitment? These monthly subscriptions are for them. If you send 'em Best of Mouth Every Month, you can be sure they’ll be thinking of you fondly long past V-Day. 

For Mouths Who Are Galentine's

Romantic relationships can be fleeting, but friendship lasts forever. Which is why February 13th, aka Galentine's Day, is the best day ever. So this year, shower the fabulous females in your life with this bundle of Galentine’s Day Goodies! Or, if you’ve got a recently de-coupled friend, relative or colleague, remind them how special they are and treat them to this Breakup Bites gift bag, brimming with treats actually worthy of their time.



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