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Product Of The Day: Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Come 4 p.m., there is nothing better than a Chocolate Caramel Cookie from Unna Bakery. Or two. Okay fine, three. 

It’s hard not to regret all the tender butter cookies we’ve missed out on by not living in Sweden, where the sit-down-and-chat-awhile coffee/cookie break (fika in Swedish) is not only welcome in the workplace, but culturally mandated. #brb #movingtosweden

So, we’re making up for lost time. Thanks to Swedish-born Ulrika Pettersson, who founded Unna Bakery in Harlem in order to bring the traditional and elegant cookies of her heritage to the States, we can now practice the art of fika.

These made-for-dipping parallelograms (yay geometry!) sprinkled with pearl sugar made quite the impression on our hungry Mouths. The chocolate reveals itself more in depth than flavor while the caramel comes in the form of a golden syrup glaze made from sugar beets.

Her recipes date back to the late 1800s when kaffereps (ladies-only fikas) were to have exactly seven types of cookies on offer, because serving fewer would brand a hostess as cheap, and serving more would brand her a show-off.

Speaking of showing off, the gorgeous box makes a great gift.

#notkidding #seriouslymovingtosweden