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Two Last-Minute Gifts For The Deadline Challenged

Do you hit snooze 10 times before finally getting out of bed? Pull all-nighters before a deadline? Frequently find yourself asking to cut the line at airport security? Okay, so you’re what we call…deadline challenged. We feel you. And while we wish we could say those procrastinating tendencies were left behind years ago with our graduation cap and gown, the truth is that life is busy. Especially around the holidays.

We’re here for you, to spare you the horror of braving the crowds. On the day before Christmas. At the mall.

BEHOLD! Better options:

  1. Order a monthly box: Send one of our best-selling 18 subscription boxes, like Best Of Mouth or Cookies. You’ll get a welcome e-card to print or forward to them in time for Christmas, and the first delivery will arrive in January. Our monthly boxes are so awesome they’ll have no idea you left it to the last minute – you’ll be thanked all year!
  2. Give a digital gift card: Let’s be honest, you probably can’t find a gift for the last person on your list because they’re too difficult to shop for. So let them pick out exactly what they want. Boom. And the best part is you don’t have to wrap it.

Holiday shopping? Done. Time to sit back with a cup of cocoa and turn on “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

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