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This Bacon Pin Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Calling all carnivores, meat-lovers and breakfast fanatics…

Question: What’s better than baconAnswer: Nothing.

You already love bacon. It’s one of the reasons we’re friends. And friends don’t keep secrets from friends. Which is why we need to talk about this brand new pin that’s totally bacon us crazy.

Whether you like yours crispy, soft or stuffed in a grilled cheese sandwich, show the world your true feelings and wear bacon on your sleeve. Literally.

Jen Adrion and Omar Noory, the creative duo behind These Are Things, started their collection of wearable accessories and paper goods because they believe “The best things in life are Things.” We have to agree. Especially when they’re food Things.

Got a BFF who's the bacon to your eggs? This shiny, silver beauty with red enamel is perfect size to pin on their collar or backpack. Show them you love them. More than bacon.

Sizzle, sizzle.

P.S. You know about our Bacon Every Month subscription, right?

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