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Standout Wedding Gifts You Can Commit To

It’s lore around here that everyone who starts working at Mouth will soon get engaged. It happened to Kate (our Director of Merchandising), to Molly (our HR Manager), to Dani (our Art Director) and, most recently, to, well, me. In all fairness, I was warned during the interview process.

Between everyone in the office who has had to listen to the four of us talk about what we’re gifting our bridesmaids and the guests who are staying in our hotel block, we’re all wedding planning experts here. And that’s not including all the weddings we’re invited to! I alone went to five last year, and was getting tired of the same old registry requests. What fun thing could I get the happy couple instead?

To answer all these important life questions, we put on our thinking veils and came up with The Wedding Collection. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for all things “I do.” Because while it may not currently be wedding season, here at Mouth HQ it’s always wedding planning season.

Stumped on what to get the betrothed-to-be? Do like Molly did when her cousin tied the knot and go off-register – a Best of Mouth Subscription will ensure that Year One is full of tasty, marital bliss.

Want to thank your besties for being there for you when you needed them most? Take a page from Kate’s bachelorette book and say it with The Bridesmaid, brimming with sweet treats and cocktail mixers.

Want to show your gratitude to your aunt and uncle who flew in from the other coast? Do like Dani and surprise out-of-towners with Mini-Bar Munchies, a kit full of indie finds like the best potato chips they’ve ever tasted (really), pretzel nuggets, chocolate chip cookies and more. 

Are you someone’s date and don’t really know the bride and groom that well? Pull a Josie and show up to the after party with 4AM Munchies. With late-night-worthy snacks like gummy worms, fried pork skins and kettle chips, you’ll fit right in. I speak from experience here.

Whether you’re a bride, groom, guest or crasher, there’s something in our Wedding Collection worth committing to.

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