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The Only 5 Rice Krispies Treat Recipes You'll Ever Need

We love Rice Krispies treats.

No, not the store-bought kind – we’re talking about our indie twists on the classic. We have some cool, funky marshmallows here at Mouth HQ (s’mores, bourbon and even cotton candy!), so we had the idea to launch #TreatThursday. What’s that, you ask? Well, we’ve done a lot of experimenting (and taste-testing) in the kitchen to create a weekly Rice Krispies treats hack with our indie snacks. And let us assure you, these treats have been pretty snap, crackle and pop-ular around the office. But don’t take our word for it… Read what the critics are saying! (And try the recipes for yourself.)


“What the fluff? We’re going nuts!” - The New Fork Times


Our first experiment? Fluffernutter Rice Krispies Treats. We’re big peanut butter enthusiasts. So that had to happen. But we decided on Bacon Peanut Butter Cups as the delivery system… because, bacon.


“Five stars for this boozy treat!” – The Washington Toast


If we have the opportunity to make something boozy, we will. That’s why we jumped at the chance to use Bourbon Marshmallows in a Rice Krispies treats. Plus, the caramel and spiced, candied pecans add such distinct fall flavors that you’ll immediately be transported to an apple-picking orchard with fall leaves all around you. Hayride not included.


“We sure want s’more!” – Los Angeles Thymes


We’re obsessed with s’mores. Especially when all those flavors are packed into gorgeous, handmade, graham-cracker dusted marshmallows so the Double Chocolate S’mores recipe was the obvious next choice. You can even taste the campfire with the addition of Smoked Chocolate Chips.


“Better than a ride on the Ferris wheel!” – Chicago Dog Tribune


Nostalgic for summer days spent at the carnival? Skip the fortune-telling and the boardwalk games and go straight for a prize – these Cotton Candy Rice Krispies Treats. Malvi’s organic Cotton Candy Marshmallows are even more delicious than the real thing, and with none of the sticky fingers! No tickets required. 


“Berry, berry good.” – Wall Steak Journal


For the final recipe, we used Raspberry Marshmallows – they’re jam-packed. You can actually taste the fresh berries in these cute little pink squishies, and when combined with butter the treats basically taste like jam on toast. Plus, a heart shape is just too cute to resist.

Treat yo’ self.

Which treat was your favorite? Share pictures of your Mouth-watering creation with the hashtag #MOUTHwatering - we’ll be reposting our favorites!

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