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Take Me Out: Our 9 Ballpark-Approved Snacks

Calling all hungry fans! Whether you’re cheering on your favorite Major Leaguer or just your favorite Little Leaguer, you need sustenance during the game. The stadium’s got you covered on the beer and hot dog front, but their stale popcorn, tasteless monkey nuts, and sticky sweet Cracker Jack are a total strikeout.

Here are nine innings worth of MVS (you guessed it, Most Valuable Snacks) that’ll keep things exciting well past the seventh-inning stretch.

1. Beer and Caramel Pretzel Nuggets?! Leave it to chocolate- and candy-maker Roni-Sue to combine a hint of the mustard you love on your pretzel with the beer you love for washing it down—and then to caramel coat it all.

2. And with her (brilliant) formula of salt/sweet/fat in her Bacon Caramel Popcorn, Roni-Sue’s also our go-to for a grown-up Cracker Jack that combines honey and molasses-dipped popcorn with chili-rubbed peanuts and a prize better than any we ever got from the box: bacon!

3. Chipotle and Lime Peanuts dreamed up by a Chicagoan whose Bee’s Knees Food Company’s m.o. is creating nuts to complement craft beer? Talk about a home run.  

4. Chickpeas aren’t exactly a classic ballgame snack, but these addictively lemony spicy ones from Pulse Roasted Chickpeas are packed with protein in case the game drags into extra innings. Which you know it will.

5. Since when did every shelled nut at the game need to be a peanut? The habanero PLUS cayenne on Gilded Nut Snack Co.’s pistachios will keep heads up for fly balls.

6. There’s no flossing in baseball, so Pipsnack’s Pipcorn (in Sea Salt, Kettle, or Chili) with their small, hull-free pieces is a smart, tasty solution.

7. The Yankees’ C.C. Sabathia may be known for strikeouts, but CC Made hits it out of the park with this just-sweet-enough caramel corn spiked with Cayenne and paprika and studded with almonds.

8. Chewing tobacco is a habit that’s deliciously and healthfully replaced with chewing jerky—even better if it’s Field Trip’s lower-in-fat Cracked Pepper Turkey Jerky! (Don’t spit it out, though.)

9. Few things help a beer go down as easy as pork rinds, but no need to slum it when 4505 Meats makes a “fine swine” version that’s kettle-cooked and dusted with some sort of sweet-and-spicy magic. Pig heaven. 

There! Now you’re snack-situated for a double-header!

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