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Let’s Give 'Em Something To Taco ‘Bout

We love tacos. Crunchy or soft-shell, fish or steak, we love it all. We celebrate #TacoTuesday religiously (it would be a crime to pass up $1 tacos!) and hey, in desperate late-night situations we’ve even (occasionally, really, maybe once) been known to partake in the fast food variety. But our favorite way to enjoy them is by throwing an indie fiesta for all our friends!

Take your taco night to a whole new level with this lineup of indie fixin’s.

Heirloom Midnight Black Beans: Start with these extra-fancy beauties which are true black turtle beans: super creamy, toothsome and meaty with a thin, dark-as-midnight skin. 

Red Chile Mole Sauce: Drizzle some on top of a chicken taco for a flavor as punchy as the first swing at a piñata. This fresh and vibrant sauce is made with hand-roasted dried chilaca chiles (aka Pasilla peppers), mild ancho chiles (aka poblanos), zesty lime, almonds, tomato and semi-sweet chocolate (a mole staple!). Boom. The whole enchilada! 

Hatch Chile Pesto: The easiest taco topping, ever - no chopping required! Hatch peppers are a special variety of chile with an earthy, nuanced complexity. The Gracious Gourmet has taken this coveted pepper and blended it into the most delicious new style of pesto – with garlic, cilantro, onions and some serious heat.

Extra Hot Pepper Sauce: Like your tacos muy caliente? This sauce teeters on the brink of a Mouth-full of fire. But we still get the flavor of super fresh produce A&B that packs into every bottle: red fresno chili peppers, carrots, onions, and the all-important garlic, unhampered by added sugar or preservatives. 

Chipotle Kafe Salsa: If you’re looking for a sauce that more about flavor than heat, this smoky chipotle is the one for you. It’s spicy, sweet and sour with a hint of smoke from the mix of tart tomatillos, super-ripe tomatoes and smoky, spicy chipotle peppers. The addition of coffee adds even more depth. Olé! 

Lime wedge not included.

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