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Summer Snackation Series No. 3: Take a Hike

Pack these good-natured goodies to fuel your climb to the top.

The third in our series of favorite summer mini-getaways and the tastiest snacks to pair with ‘em.

Go take a hike. We mean it – it’s time to break out those hiking boots you use maybe once a year and hit the woodsy trails (or the local park). Either way, these indie supplies go the extra mile: 

1. Hatch Chile Jerky

Stay charged all day long: Naturally lower in fat and just as protein-packed as beef, this bison jerky from KivaSun Foods is dunked in a spicy hatch chile and brown sugar marinade.

2. Dried Cranberries & Blueberries

Vincent Family’s gorgeous cranberries and blueberries from Oregon are a sweet-tart and chewy energy booster, without any added sugar!

3. Battenkill Brittle

Battenkill Brittle was made for outdoor exploring: a pocket-ready square of power-packed seeds, sweetened with just a little local Vermont maple syrup.

4. Oat Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Reward your effort with The Good Batch’s big chocolate chunk-studded cookies, sprinkled with sea salt. They’re made with oats, so they’re also good for you, right?

5. Bourbon Flask

Tuck this in your pack: A retro flask of Kings County Distillery’s corn and malted Scottish barley bourbon. Hey, you never know when you'll want to cool your heels.

Start trekking now.

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