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These 9 Snack And Scary Movie Combos Aren't For The Faint Of Heart

Halloween is in one week - how did that happen? You’ve planned your costume and bought your candy. Time to get into the spirit of the spookiest time of the year by watching some Halloween classics.

Bring on the scary movies and ring your ghoul friends – it’s a ghouls night in! Here's what we Mouthers will be watching as we round into Halloween, appropriately paired with our favorite indie treats:

The Shining + Jack O' Lantern Pops
Or should we call them Jack Nicholson pops? The only thing scary about these high-quality, solid dark chocolate pumpkins is how quickly you’ll devour them. Heeere’s Johnny!

Hocus Pocus + Chocolate Spider Webs
Watch out! You’re about to be caught in a web of deliciousness! Each box contains a trifecta of addictive arachnids to make your skin crawl: silver-shimmering milk chocolate, gold-gilded dark chocolate with crunchy salt flakes and caramelized white chocolate with cacao nibs and sea salt. Trust us, all flavors are bewitching.

Young Frankenstein + PB&J Eyeballs
The creepy monster eyeball shell might freak you out a little, but fear not! Bite through dark and white chocolate and your bravery will be rewarded with French raspberry paté de fruit and salty-sweet peanut praline covered in rich dark chocolate. Now, break out your top hat and tap shoes and get to puttin' on the Ritz.

Silence of the Lambs + Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers
These animals don’t make much noise. They’re covered in chocolate! Your favorite treat from childhood just got better after going for a dunk in a pool of rich, creamy milk chocolate. Serve with a nice chianti.

Ghostbusters + Chocolate Ghost Pop
Who you gonna call? Us! For more of these friendly ghouls! These tasty milk chocolate ghost pops from Tumbador are almost too cute to eat… well, almost. Boo!

Night of the Living Dead + Golden Gianduja Skulls
Go full zombie and feast on some delicious chocolate skulls! These mini heads are filled with a mind-blowing hazelnut-macadamia-almond mix that we can’t get enough of, then coated in sparkly edible gold dust. They're so tasty, we just can't keep 'em out of our heads (and Mouths)! 

Nosferatu + Pickled Garlic 
Keep those vampires away with this stinky, spooky snack. CHeRiTH VaLLeY gardens has brilliantly brined huge cloves of garlic to the point of complete and utter deliciousness. A little jalapeño adds just the slightest heat. Vampires beware.

Carrie + Bloody Mary Kit
If you’ve got a taste for terror, take Bloody Mary (or should we say, Bloody Carrie?) to the party. A splash of pickle brine adds tang to bright tomatoes, fresh pressed cucumber and fresh garlic and dill with a splash of spicy cherry pepper that adds some heat to this mix. Yeah, it’s bloody good.

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown + Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows
Okay, this movie’s not scary, but it’s a Halloween classic and a Mouth team favorite. Pop these bite-sized pumpkin pie marshmallows in your mouth while you watch, or mix them in with your popcorn for a sweet and salty movie snack! Pumpkin carving kit not included.

What are you waiting for? Netflix and thrill.

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