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A Gift For The Mom Who Moonlights As A Super Hero

Mom’s been saving the world since Day One: packing snacks, organizing the play date calendar, making sure you’re put in the right math class, dropping everything to show up for recitals and science fairs, listening – and countless other acts of heroism you don’t even know about. So this Mother’s Day, let her know how much you look up to her, and how much you appreciate all she does for humanity. (Humanity = you.)

Write her name in the sky with Small-Batch Super Mom, a gift bag packed with momalicious goodies fit for every super snacking occasion: buttery-sweet raspberry cave cookies made by Unna Bakery; rich chocolate caramels made by McCrea’s Candies; gorgeous, shiny pink Oregon cherry sparkling candies (made with real fruit!) from Quin Candy; Greyston Bakery-made chocolate chip blondies that have more fun; apple and chocolate chip granola cookies made by Little Apple Granola; and Morris Kitchen’s pineapple lime cocktail mixer that’ll make her happy hour even happier. 

Cape not included.

Check out the rest of our Mother’s Day gifts! We’ve got something for every type of mama.

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