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Grab These 5 Delicious Treats Before They Sale Away

Out with the old, and in with the new. It’s 2017 and that means a whole new bunch of indie treats is piled up on our tasting table. But first, we have to say goodbye to some really delicious snacks that we’ve gotten, well, a little too attached to. The good news: they’re all on sale! Woohoo!

Stock up now so you have enough to last you through the winter… 

Gold + Champagne Marshmallows: Sparkling with 24-karat edible gold, these handmade bite-sized treats infused with the delicate taste of Champagne are, hands down, the most elegant marshmallows we’ve ever come across. We flipped out when these first came across our tasting table this year and The New York Times featured them as well!

Sparkle Bark: This sparkly peppermint bark is an unbelievably cute and tasty mashup of classic and modern. Dark chocolate is coated in a layer of pale pink chocolate and studded with sparkly peppermint candy. Take a bite and you'll get a shock – a smattering of popping candy to surprise and delight.

Peppermint S’mores: Want s’more? Make gooey, winter minty s’mores with this all-in-one kit: gourmet peppermint marshmallows, hand-crafted chocolate graham crackers and perfect squares of milk chocolate peppermint chocolate bark.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies: These rich, fudgy, swanky dark chocolate cookies are big and thick – a signature combo in any treat baked by The Good Batch, one of our first makers. They’re infused with peppermint oil and baked with a fresh sprinkling of crushed candy cane on top. Yes. Please. We’d eat these all year long.

Gingerbread Tile Cookies: Rustic Bakery’s giant chewy cookies topped with a perfectly crisp vanilla glaze have found a cult indie following! These delicious gingerbread tiles have warm flavors of cinnamon and molasses, and their flowering trellis design makes them way too gorgeous to build a house with. They’re an awesome, shareable dessert for a winter dinner party, too.

Come sale away!

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