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Shop By Diet: Kosher Goodies

For those of you who love interesting, small-batch food and spirits (or know someone who does) but also need that important little symbol – have we got a collection for you!

The Kosher Collection! Our curation team has gathered the most delicious and gift-worthy kosher snacks, pickles, chocolate, crackers, energy bars, indie-gredients and salmon jerky you’ve ever tasted.

Yes, salmon jerky! It's made from Alaskan king salmon that is slowly smoked by cherry and alder woods, adding a rich flavor profile to the three varieties (Teriyaki, Peppered and Orange Ginger). High in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, this lox that will last a lifetime. It’s made by Acme Smoked Fish Corp in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, one of the most experienced fish houses in the country.

Another kosher concoction: Chocolate Covered Animal Crackers.  Our friends at Tumbador Chocolate in Sunset Park, Brooklyn have taken your favorite childhood treat and doubled down on it, with each cookie dunked in a pool of milk chocolate in just the right proportion.

And it shouldn’t be a total loss that our all-time favorite potato chip happens to be good with G-d. The Billy Goat Chip Company has been making these insanely good chips for years – skin on, very lightly (but just rightly) seasoned, deliciously crispy and devilishly addictive. (A few of us here eat a bag for lunch.)

Know a kosherchocoholic**? Our Kosher Chocolate gift bag has a little something for everyone – milk, dark, chewy, smooth, fruity, sweet. It’s…divine.

Looking for an edible gift for an observant Break Fast host? Send our Kosher Goodies Taster, a selection of sweets and savories that’ll surely get you written in the Book of Life.  (Or at least invited back next year).

But enough sermonizing. Let the noshing begin!

*The letter “U” or “K” on food packaging indicates that the food has been deemed as kosher by a recognized certification organization. That is to say, it was made in accordance with orthodox Jewish dietary laws, which are way too complicated to explain here and get even more so on Passover. (That's what the Internet was invented for!)

**We're pretty sure this is a word. Or should be.

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