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5 Small-Batch Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

Things are in full-on holiday mode here at the Mouth workshop, err, warehouse in The North Brooklyn. We elves are working around the clock to make sure stockings will be stuffed with only the tastiest indie treats and your mugs filled with only the most Mouth-watering cocoas. 

Yes, there’s a lot of holiday hullabaloo to handle all month. Parties to host and Secret Santa gifts to hide. And it’s no secret that all this gift-giving can add up. We’re here to keep things merry and bright, starting with a few Secret Santa gift brainstorms, each $20 or under!

Whiskey Stones ($20) – Sometimes we want to sip our finest fiery whiskey just slightly chilled, but without sacrificing its strength with melting ice cubes. Water-cut out of soapstone imported from Finland, these cubes can chill just about any beverage, from fizzy soft drinks to freshly mixed cocktails.

Hot Chocolate Pops ($20) – There's something magical about the way each one of these pops smoothly dissolves into a rich, flavorful cup of hot chocolate that looks as good as it tastes. One hides a giant cube of peanut butter, another is full of peppermint and the salted caramel stick is the sweet-and-salty combo of your dreams.

Enamel Pizza Pin ($12) – Here’s a way for your favorite pizzaterian to wear their pride on their sleeve (without sauce stains): this steaming hot, new enamel pin is a glittering homage to a cheesy pepperoni slice pulled straight from a fresh pie.

Bacon Peanut Butter Cups ($18) – As if we weren't already obsessed with the indisputably addictive combos of chocolate + PB, bacon + PB, and chocolate + bacon, Black Pig Meat Co. has upped the ante and smashed all of it together in what they call "Swine Sweets."

Dry Rye Gin ($14) – This adorable bottle is so cheery it’s the perfect gift to help someone get into the holiday spirit. The rich, bold gin balances flavors of juniper berries, black peppercorn, caraway, coriander and grapefruit and lime peel. Dry, spicy and just a teeny-weeny bit savory, it's one of the most creative juniper-forward gins we've ever tasted. 

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