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Brie Mine: Nothing Says I Love You Like Good Cheese

On our first date, my husband and I bonded over cheese. Not the most original story, I know, but I went so far as to proclaim that a cheese I wanted him to try would be so life changing he’d remember me forever (so far, so good).

It was burrata and, if you haven’t had it yet either, hop to! You can thank me later.

In the years since, we’ve taken to sharing a cheesy snack a few times a week. Sometimes it's a special affair: We unwrap the slate cheese board, pull out our fancy cheese knives and take out a triple crème (or two, or three) 20 minutes in advance so it can get just the right amount of goopy. Dried fruit, various spreads and a few cracker options all get their own plates and cutlery. There are cloth napkins. And coasters.

On other occasions, it’s more an act of desperation: standing over the kitchen counter late at night, barely managing to unwrap the hunk of Cheddar before devouring it. Crackers and a spread? Optional. A plate or napkin? Eyeroll. 

Most of the time, though, we grab one perfect specimen of goat cheese, open a jar of fig jam and find the nearest box of crackers. And if we’re really prepared, we'll open a bag of candied nuts and mix up a cocktail or pour a glass of wine. We call it our “cheesy snack” and it’s our favorite time of day.

Since part of my job at Mouth is to curate our gift bags, I’m especially excited about Say Cheese – it’s Michael and my ideal cheesy snack in a bag, ready to gobble up by yourself or send to someone special. They’ll probably remember you forever, too. 

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