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How To Bee Happy In 5777...

Happy Rosh Hashanah! For some, it’s the start of a whole new year. (For others, it's simply a new season!) Either way, it’s time to rejoice. Here are five buzz-worth gift suggestions for your host (or a few ideas on how to upgrade your own holiday dinner…)

Sweet New Year Taster 

Here's how to dip them apples: First, a rich, sweet, wildflower honey from Sonoma, California. Next, a light honey from the summer wildflowers, herbs and clover of Tennessee. Finally, soak that Macoun in a stunning, nutty, robust honey from the chamiso brush in Colorado. L’shana tovah, people!

High Holy Day-licious Taster

This is the perfect host gift to bring to a Rosh Hashanah dinner or Break Fast –  holiday-inspired goodies like caramel apple popcorn, honey marshmallows, apple granola chocolate chip cookies, naturally sweetened honey candies (complete with cute bee designs) and, oh, honey. Really special honey that upgrades the jar that's always been on the holiday table.

Apples And Honey Cocktail Kit

Get into the spirit of 5777 with this refreshing holiday cocktail kit! Starts with a delicious liqueur made from apples. Harvest Spirits' Cornelius Applejack uses 60 pounds of fresh apples in each bottle, in fact. Mix it with Kas Krupnikas, a sweet honey liqueur spiced with vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom. Add a little simple sugar, stir with ice and garnish with a fresh mint leaf or two. Makes an original way to kick off your own holiday dinner or an excellent gift for your favorite balaboosta (a.k.a. your sister-in-law) who's nice enough (again) to host. 

5 Buzz-Worthy Honey Jars

Did you know that it’s also National Honey Month? Celebrate by doing a tasting of indie honeys: First, try “free range” honey made from bees that feast upon tulip poplar, fruit blossoms and black locust in spring and on wildflowers, herbs and clover in summer. Then, raw honey from Bee Local in Portland, Oregon – it’s mellow and light in spring and dark amber in fall. Heat things up a bit with Bees Knees’ spicy honey. Next, stunning golden honey that’s richly sweet with a robust, nutty flavor. Finally, raw wildflower honey sticks – perfect to keep on hand for sweet cravings. We’ve been using them as place settings for the kids at Rosh Hashanah dinners.

What’s The Buzz?

Why not toast 5777 with craft spirits made with, yes, honey? Kas Krupnikas, a grain spirit blended with honey and spices, is perfect for sipping on ice. For an interesting twist on gin based cocktails, try Juniper Honey Gin, and if you’re making an Old Fashioned, try swapping in New York Honey Whiskey. For a truly refreshing cocktail, muddle some mint and sugar and shake with Honey Distilled Vodka.

With all this awe-someness (as in, Days of Awe), how can it not be a sweet year? You will surely be written in the Foodie Book of Life. (The long-term rewards are unknown, but the short-term consequences are to die for.)

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