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See The World Through Rosé-Colored Glasses With This Indie Wine Trio

To see a World through Rosé-Colored Glasses / and a Heaven in a Sip”… At least, we think that’s how it goes.

However William Blake’s original poem actually starts, this Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love with this pretty in pink trio of indie wines. You two are already seeing through Rosé-Colored Glasses, so why not yell it from the rooftops?

Start with a bottle of Rosé of Pinot Noir made by Billsboro Winery in the Finger Lakes of New York. At first blush, it’s juicy and bright, with flavors of strawberry and peach and just the right amount of tartness.

Then, pop the cork on Napa, California’s salmon-colored Matthiasson Rosé. A little more full-bodied, with a rich mineral note, this naturally fermented and lightly filtered wine boasts sweet aromas of white peach and berries. Shucks. 

Finally, take a moment to stop smelling the rosés with Pom Pomme, a spectacular, savory, sparkling apple cider made by Descendant Cider Company in Queens, New York. Hand-pressed apples get a little color from tart pomegranate and hibiscus flower, which add a complex, floral flavor to the dry, crisp and effervescent cider. 

These blushing beauties come with a set of four Stemless Wine Glasses from Govino, so you really can “Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand / And Eternity in an hour”.

Who are we kidding? That glass will be empty in T-5 minutes flat. 

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