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Product Of The Day: Holiday Countdown Calendar

It’s coming. You can feel it. (No, not just because of your mailbox catalog pileup.) You see twinkly lights on your street. Your calendar is filling up with parties and holiday performances. You find yourself drinking (another) gingerbread latte. 

How to stay mindful and keep it all from flying by before you know it? With Quin Candy's Holiday Countdown Calendar!

Head candy maker Jami Curl and her team at Portland’s Quin Candy are in the business of reinventing our favorite candies, using real fruit and a careful attention to detail. Many of us here at Mouth HQ were shrieking (yes, shrieking) when Quin first showed us their insanely gorgeous, non-denominational take on the classic Advent calendar. It’s a great way to bring back one of the best parts of the season – remember eagerly (and not very patiently) waiting to open another tiny door and discover a treat inside?

Countdown all month long, all the way to New Year’s, with 28 doors – 25 of which reveal jaw-dropping handmade candies, like vanilla bean caramels, juicy fruit chews and gem-like lollipops. Oh, and the three bonus doors are a surprise because, as Quin rightfully points out, “candy is magic.”

Abracadabra, Santa.

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