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Our Pickle Of The Month Box Will Pickle Their Fancy

Here’s the dill: We created this monthly box for people who crave pickles and can't get enough of ‘em. Spears, slices, whole cukes. Sweet, spicy, smoky! And we also will include something unique to try out, such as pickled beets, carrots, cauliflower, okra, tomatoes, fennel or even pickled cherries. 

Here’s an example of a small-batch pickles box we shipped recently:

Maple Bourbon Bread & Butter Pickles: These sweet and tart bite-sized crinkled pickle chips from our friends at Brooklyn Brine are made with caramelized onions, organic New York State Grade B maple syrup, and something different – McKenzie Rye Whiskey from Finger Lakes Distilling. 

Caraway Garlic Dills: The smooth yet toasty flavor of caraway (similar to fennel) is paired with garlic in a masterful brine – caraway beautifully cuts the intensity of the garlic. Leave it to Denver-based The Real Dill: Another life-changing pickle!

Cajun Pickled String Beans: Why shouldn't green beans get pickled? And why shouldn't they be loaded with aromatic Cajun spices? The jar is packed with fresh green beans that have the ideal pickled texture (not mushy, not too crunchy, just right) – and an amazingly savory spicy kick. You'll feel like you're in the French Quarter, without leaving town.

Pickle your fancy, people.

NOTE: Our 18 monthly subscription boxes are a great last-minute gift idea. Immediately after signing ‘em up, you’ll find a digital welcome certificate in your order confirmation email. Just print or forward to the lucky recipient! Doesn’t get faster than that. 20% off all monthly subscriptions with code BOX20 - sale ends 12/22!

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