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Everything You Need To Make The Best G&T, Right Here

We love a super-refreshing G&T, especially since discovering the secret to making a standout version whenever the mood strikes.

It's not just about the ingredients (although those are certainly key!), it's also about freshness. By using a tonic syrup and mixing it with your own seltzer instead of dousing your gin in the same old store-bought stuff. You get a fizzy, flavorful drink every time, even if you're only drinking for one!

This awesome Gin & Tonic Kit comes packed with everything needed to make the best G&T, ever: a traditionally flavored gin (juniper dominant), a more botanical-forward, American-style gin, two of our favorite indie tonic syrups and our other favorite secret ingredient – a bottle of bitters.

Here’s what’s in the bag:

Junipero Gin made by Anchor Distilling – This gin is all about showcasing juniper. It’s a refreshing, distinctive gin with a clean, crisp mouthfeel. Like most gins, Junipero is made with about a dozen botanicals, but the rest of the mix is top secret.

Gin-Head Style American Gin made by Corsair Artisan Distillery – This gin is citrusy, flowery, super smooth and cool-pool-on-a-hot-day refreshing. We love the hint of lemongrass, which makes it our favorite with Thai food.

Small-Batch Tonic Syrup made by Jack Rudy Co. – The Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. describes their clean, bracing syrup as "essentially a quinine* concentrate," but it's the hint of citrus that gives this just enough complexity to hold up to the rich botanicals in our favorite gins. It’s totally gin-tastic.

Tonic Syrup made by Tomr’s Tonic – Tomr's also uses bark from the cinchona tree (the original source of quinine), which gives it an earthy, root-y flavor with a pronounced bitterness. This tonic is redolent with exotic flavors we can’t get enough of.

Citrus Bitters made by Hella Bitter - Bitters are to drinks what spices are to food. Indeed, a few drops will add a little magic – and will absolutely make you happier. Try dashing a few drops onto your next G&T and never look back. 

*Our favorite bartenders tell us that the gin and tonic owes its existence to the army of the British East India Company (yes, they had their own army and navy!). They were required to take a daily allotment of bitter quinine, a compound, to protect them from malaria (talk about a bitter pill). So, British officers started mixing it with water, sugar, lime and gin, to make their medicine a little, well, easier to swallow. We're not huge fans of the British imperialism part, but cocktail as medicine? Totally dig it.

Doctor's orders!

Happy GIN-uary! To celebrate, we’re giving you 10% off all craft gins, all month long. Just use the code GINTASTIC at checkout. 

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