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5 Cheeses That Found Their Soulmate

Asking us to pick our favorite food is like asking us to pick our favorite child – how do you choose?! But we always come back to cheese. Why? Because cheese does its homework without reminders and makes its bed and is still willing to hold our hand in public. But what we really love the most about cheese is its many different personalities: Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s funky, sometimes it’s sharp and sometimes it’s smoky (hence grounded for the rest of its life).

Cheese is perfect just the way it is on its own, but we can’t deny how happy we are when it grows up and finds its perfect match. Because the right partner brings out the best in cheese – all those sweet, funky, sharp and smoky qualities we love. And sure, sometimes the coupling isn’t what you first imagined it would be (did you say motorcycle?!), but over time you realize how good they are for each other. Because, really, who are any of us to judge the perfect pairing.

Below, five cheeses that found their soulmate, and there’s nothing you can do about it:

Coupole + Hot Honey  We all know that opposites attract, and sometimes you just gotta live and let live. Coupole: Sweet, soft, delicate. Hot honey: Definitely drives a motorcycle. 

Hunter Cheddar + Peach Sriracha Jam  The jam’s heat is tempered by sweet peaches, making it a perfect match for a cheddar that knows how to bite back.

Ameribella + Smoky Okra Pickles  The smoky pickles complements Ameribella’s meaty, nutty funk and the vibrant acidity pleasantly cuts through her milk fat (not that we’re calling Ameribella fat).

Harbison + Potato Chips  We’ll just say this: If you haven’t scooped a blob of room-temperature Harbison onto a salty potato chip, you have not lived. Potato chips are Harbison’s best support system. 

Ewe’s Blue + Goat Milk Caramel  This blue’s got a bit of attitude, but this luscious caramel brings out all its good qualities  its sweetness, balance and spunk.    

When you think about it, these perfect pairings are all your doing – weren’t you the one to raise your little Muenster to be confident enough to try new things? And, be honest… Once upon a time, you fell for the motorcycle, too.  

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