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A Penne For Your Thoughts: It’s Pasta Night!

Buongiorno! We were doing some deep thinking over lunch today (we do our best thinking while eating!) and realized we owed someone, err, rather, an entire country, big thanks. Consider this our thank you note to the Italians.

We love their art, their fashion, their cute little Vespas, but mostly we wanted to say grazie mille for the life-changing invention of pasta. We’re tortelloni in love. We make it for dinner more often than we’d like to admit. Definitely once a week. Okay, twice. It would be im-pasta-ble to live without it.

We put our noodles together to round up this perfect pairing for pasta night – an organic, handmade, beautifully-shaped pasta and a game-changing sauce to go with it.

Saffron Pasta Malloreddus – Saffron gives this pasta its gorgeous golden hue and a delicate, earthy flavor. As fun to say as it is to eat, malloreddus' ridged shells are similar to cavatelli, but with a deeper crevice. Brooklyn-based maker Sfoglini uses organic U.S.-grown semolina flour to make the dough, one batch at a time. They also use traditional bronze dyes and air dry the pasta at low temperatures, so its texture is awesome, and makes it a good foil for heavy-duty sauces or rich cheeses. Not to mention, it maintains more nutrition and flavor. You’ve never had pasta like this.

Kale & Swiss Chard Tomato Sauce - Yes, whether you're trying to add more veggies to your kids' diet or you just can't get enough of kale, this flavorful, authentic sauce from City Saucery is the perfect disguise – the greens are plain to see, but take a backseat to the tangy tomato. This is the kind of sauce you want to eat straight off a spoon. But it’s an ideal match with the Malloreddus.

Eat with your eyes closed and you’re dining al fresco in a cobblestoned alley in Rome.

Pasta la vista, baby!

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