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You Won’t Want To *Pass Over* Any Of These Sweet Desserts

Passover is our favorite Jewish holiday.

Freedom! Frogs! Reruns of “The Ten Commandments”! We look forward to the annual retelling of The Exodus from Egypt, not to mention the ensuing debate over the density of this year's matzah ball. And we always get a kick out of bitter Herb (talking here about both horseradish and beloved uncle).

So we've put together this positively bountiful mix of Passover Sweets to bring to your seder host, in two aptly-named sizes:

Start with our newest addictive goodie from Roni-Sue Chocolates – just for us, she created a charoset-inspired, matzah caramelized apple toffee crunch, studded with walnuts. (You'll want to eat it year-round.) Delicious green-dusted solid chocolate kermies to brighten up the seder table. The best macaroons we've ever tasted. A nutty and fruity dark chocolate bar. Plus, chai-flavored candies decorated with the Star of David and the Hebrew word for chai. It’s a literal chai five. Zissen Pesach!

Or, if you really want to get invited back, go for a larger offering – Dayenu! It’s got even more miraculous goodies like a gorgeous single-origin dark chocolate bar, a buzz-worthy honey and zesty candied orange peels.*

You won’t want to pass over any of these delicious desserts.

And no, this taster isn't strictly kosher, but none of the products contain bread or bread products so you should be good with G-d.

*Did you know an orange is now being used on the seder plate to symbolize inclusion for the marginalized?


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