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These Passover Snacks (Popcorn! Toffee Matzah!) Are Manna From Heaven

You're probably not getting ready to flee an evil Pharoah, but who couldn’t use a great assortment of indie foods to eat on the run?

Whether you're road tripping to Grandma and Grandpa’s or making your way across a hot, dry desert with no water, these manah-like Exodus Snacks make all journeys a little tastier.

Fuel up with crunchy-sweet organic trail mix, yellow split peas roasted in canola oil and the most addicting sea salt mini popcorn ever. (Why couldn’t it have been popcorn falling from the sky?!) Get your protein fix with all-natural teriyaki king salmon jerky (hey, it’s even kosher!) and an energy bar spiked with coffee and cayenne so you can power through the last mile. And, finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with our newest addictive goodie from Roni-Sue Chocolates – just for us, she created a charoset-inspired, matzah caramelized apple toffee crunch that’s studded with walnuts. (You'll want to eat it year-round.)

Holy Moses, these snacks are good.

And, no, they're not all kosher or kosher for Passover, but none contain bread or bread products so you should be good with G-d.

Exit only, this way…


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