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The One And Only (Buckwheat) Whiskey For You

We, Mouths, take you, Buckwheat whiskey, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health… 

We knew what you were thinking… if you love this drink so much, why don’t you marry it? Boom. Just did. The One and Only Buckwheat is the only drink for us. The drink we want to fall asleep next to every night and wake up next to every morning. This is one fine spirit. 

Buckwheat isn’t technically a grain (thanks, Internet!), so this isn’t, technically, whiskey. But buckwheat does taste and act like a grain when cooking and distilling, making for one of the most interesting and exciting "whiskeys" we’ve tasted (and no, it’s not just because we’re in the honeymoon phase). It’s rich and earthy (that's the buckwheat!), with hints of dried fruit, spice and vanilla. 

Catskill Distilling Company got its license through the New York State Farm Distillery Act, which not only allows micro-distilleries to flourish but also helps out local agriculture in a big way. The company buys its grain and buckwheat from a local mill and uses the spent mash to feed local farm animals. We love this, of course. 

*sip* Until death do us part.

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