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Offbeat Eats: Tequila-Spiked Chocolate Sauce

There was a time when it seemed you could get drunk on chocolate sauce alone. See: family photos of baby you, your smiley face happily smeared with it. So it's only logical that someone decided to combine the nostalgia of chocolate sauce with tequila, an adult favorite. It's good to be a grown-up.

This Tequila-Spiked Chocolate Sauce is concocted by cocoa sorceress Chef Katherine Clapner at Dude, Sweet Chocolate in Dallas, Texas. Her creations are definitely enchanting, and we think this Tequila-Spiked Chocolate Sauce (aka “One Night Stand Potion”) is especially spellbinding: its seductive, not-too-sweet combo of liquor, agave syrup, honey, cane sugar, Valrhona cocoa powder and chocolate has us all but guzzling this sauce straight from the bottle.

Lightly-aged tequila brings out the tropical fruit and caramelized sugar notes in this South American chocolate. It's got a taste of the wild and fun side that earns it the name "One Night Stand," but you'll definitely want a second date. 

And we’ll take all the credit or introducing you two, thank you very much.

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